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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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instant, abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> we begin with breaking news, justice scalia. good evening everybody. i'm heather. header: word of his death coming withinhe past hour. reaction starting to pour in. here is a live look at the u.s. supreme court in washington. u.s. marshals service confirming at a private home in south texas. he was 79. chief justice john roberts saying in a statement, he was an extra ordinary individual, he was found dead this morning when he did not show up for breakfast. president ronald reagan nominated justice scalia to the high court. he took his seat on september 26, 1986 and was the longest-serving current justice. you can look for updates at 6:30 p.m. on world news tonight and
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right now since :00, we are in first alert mode because of dangerous cold. looking at the raleigh skyline, you can see the skies are clear, but if you have spent any time outside today, you know the biting chill and piercing wind in the air. tonight is the night that we bottom now, the lowest temperatures we will see all week. liz: we have already fallen to just 30 degrees here in raleigh, even colder off of the north. tonight, many areas may feel more like 5-15 degrees. we will show you, 27, rockwell. lower 30's, fayetteville and clinton. look at how cold it fears -- feels right now. 24, raleigh. 27, fayetteville. 16, oxford. as a go through the night, the wednesday relatively,. it will help us out, but impartially the wind looks to be growing strong enough that it will likely coolest down, at least feeling a lot cooler.
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in the teens by 11:00 and we are only going to fall from there. first alert predictor says it will feel more like nine degrees around 4:00 a.m. in raleigh and four degrees in rock bro, not much better. nine degrees, raleigh. five, roxboro. tonight, we will want to bring our pets inside. they could be exposed to extreme temperatures that could be very bad for them. we are also watching another storm heading our way. the storm system covering is the potential for winter weather. going into monday, more on the timing. heather: with the deep freeze upon us, and the winter weather not far behind, stay close to the first alert weather app. it alerts you to the weather watches and warnings, and get the hour-by-hour forecast for your hometown. a 72-year-old woman is in to cost but it's not recovering from a drive-by shooting that she fever expected. and never saw coming. forster street, off the dearborn drive is where this all went
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elaina athans's spoke with the victim's daughter, she is live outside of the hospital with an update on how that woman is doing. elaiana: the family is all here at duke university hospital. i spoke with the daughter when she came home to get close and then went back to the hospital to be by her mother's side. the senior citizen is here with life-threatening injuries. >> nobody deserves it. nobody in this world deserves to be done like this. >> melanie holloway was watching television when gunfire erected outside of the house. the 72-year-old was physically handicapped was hit by bullets during the drive-by shooting. melanie says that at first nothing registered. >> [indiscernible] i protected her. >> the senior citizen was rushed to the hospital, and is critical, but said to be making some progress. >> she is a very sweet lady, she does not bother anybody, everybody lesser in the neighborhood.
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she is very left. >> the shooting happened last night around 10:00 and the durham county sheriff's office is the home was targeted. you can see that blew it -- bullets blew out the window panel on the front door. authorities are now asking the public to help identify the gunman. >> please stop the violence. please, stop the shooting and the killing. and hurting innocent people for no reason at all. if anybody knows anything, could you please step forward. >> melanie and another relative or inside of the home, also at the time of the shooting, they were not heard. again, the 72-year-old is here tonight with life-threatening injuries. live in durham, elaina athans, abc 11. heather: new at 6:00, a johnston county man accused of shooting his girlfriend son in the face and stomach, timothy driver is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. they say he shot the 33-year-old
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that happened to 900 block of east joiner street. he had surgery today. doctors expected to make a full recovery. a mass movement in raleigh today. thousands crowded the fayetteville street for the annual hkonj moral march. north carolina's voter id law playing front and center this year. 6:00, anthony wilson with the group's message. anthony: hkonj moral march brought crowds to downtown raleigh. most of the north carolinians traveled from maryland -- >> they believe that the north carolina voter suppression law is one of the most akoni and in the country. and that, we as a faith, we need to stand up to both witness and to act. ballot box is one of the many issues that concern the participants.
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thought that this was solved, and for the same issues to come back up, it is another blow to democracy and another blow to accessing the ballot box. anthony: the audience -- [indiscernible] >> we have a group of people trying to stop the march. and it is ridiculous. they claim to be with a certain group, i don't even want to say the name. anthony: we cannot find the people that were referenced, but elsewhere, there are critics. >> it is an organizational tool for the left to try to get out the vote for the democrats. and that worked very well over the last few years as her publicans have had strong elections in the last three cycles. anthony: organizers urge all eligible voters to show up on election day. >> we want to get the attention of the people on joan street as
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we will push in and move in, the elections are coming up, we want everybody to vote and that is our prime message that we are trying to get out there. heather: a disabled man stolen vehicle is back in his possession tonight. abc 11 together follow the story all week. someone stole mike leary's blue suzuki from his driveway in east raleigh. raleigh police found an overnight about two miles away in the back of an apartment complex. it runs, and handicap controls are still there. mike tells us that he is thrilled with the news, now the single father can take his kids to school and get to work. push to reopen a major interstate.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> abc 11, keeping you connected, find us on facebook, like ours, and my wife ran up over the hill and saw the action. heather: ton directions while crews continue
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to vote 2016, and of a night in south carolina, six are public and residential candidates turning on their southern charm in greenville. what can we expect, and how -- 1000 new pages of hillary clinton's e-mails play into the dialogue? lana: from the rally stage, -- >> we leave the world. bush and john kasich warming up for the gop face-off by courting voters and software lineup. >> give me a chance to take his message to america. give me the votes that you have and call three people and get them to vote. lana: the first showdown will feature the remaining six are public and candidates and some contenders are expecting that the tonal shift. >> as it gets closer, it will get nastier and nastier and they will get personal and ugly.
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lana: after his big win in new hampshire, donald trump has largely -- the 90 more, taking aim at senator ted cruz, saying that if he does not clean up his act, i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. ted cruz punted back on the airwaves. >> [indiscernible] lana: four marco rubio, tonight is a chance to redeem himself after the last debate. democrats hillary clinton and the campaign trail. the next battleground state, nevada. >> we surprise them in iowa. we have surprise them in new hampshire. we are going to surprise them here in nevada. lana: sanders is working to capitalize on his momentum after trouncing clinton in new hampshire and heller clinton is comeback. my friends. i know that you are here because
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lana: one week wet -- left to caucuses. heather: a new hotel opened in downtown cary. coming up, what makes it one of a kind, and how it marks a redevelopment. but first, as we had to break, raleigh skyline, temperatures already below freezing as bitter cold weather grips the jungle.
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her full force>> taking you inside a new hotel in downtown cary, with a throwback style. the georgian style made in an open this afternoon. there are 44 rooms, with custom furniture made in high point. you will also find a lounge, a full bar and restaurant, baseball, and again. and of afternoon tea sounds appealing, they offer that too. it is one piece of a major revitalization effort happening in downtown cary. this would be a great weekend to stay inside and go to a place like that and cuddle up with your valentine. liz: make sure your fireplace is cleaned out. it will be very cold. we are talking wind chills near five degrees in some areas, we're going to see where in just a few moments. active weather, this week, monday and tuesday are big days. overnight tonight, we'll be looking at some of that, as well.
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see big problems for travel in the morning. winter storm watch in effect on monday through monday afternoon for the counties that are shaded in blue, that does include wake county and counties back off to the north and west. tuesday, rain around here, so will be tracking all of that here. 27, roxboro and oxford. 30, rally. before, fayetteville. 31, goldsboro. it feels like 16 in oxford, 24 in raleigh, 21 in lewisburg. lower 20's and upper 20's for the fact. obviously, cold. the sun has officially set, 30 degrees here, the winds are west northwest at nine miles per hour. we'll be watching us temperatures continue to drop. part of the reason why, skies are clear and when we have clearing skies, usually last or much older temperatures not only here in north carolina, but look at that, a big stretch of real estate, very clear. back off to the north, overnight tonight, the clear skies are going to allow temperatures to drop down to near 14 degrees in
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roxboro, 16, fayetteville. i cannot stress this enough, please bring your pets inside, these temperatures, either the actual temperatures or the feel like temperatures will be like single digits. it will feel like the lower teens in many of the southern section, too cold for a pet to be outside. tomorrow afternoon we will likely see temperatures struggle to reach the freezing mark, yet again in raleigh and are on. upper 20's and roxboro. 34, southern pines. 35, fayetteville and clinton. this high-pressure, part of the recent nursing the arctic blasts of temperature, we have heidi there he cold surge of air pushed on over us and overnight tonight, it will get a whole lot worse around here. on sunday, high-pressure moves out to the east. it allows this area a low-pressure to start to make its way toward us. this will be a weather maker that could bring precipitation at -- in the form of sleet, snow
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you notice overnight sunday into monday, around 1:00 a.m., we see snowflakes forming. most of the north and north eastern are things that that first. very quickly, it will move in overnight. or whether missing from the west of to the northern sections. colder temperatures likely. we get slightly warmer temperatures, we could see more sleet or freezing rain from southern sections of wayne county down toward the cumberland county. by late morning to early afternoon hours, we'll see some of the change to rain. the farther south you go. likely freezing rain the -- for the middle sections. all rain by monday and early tuesday. we will exit by midmorning on tuesday. that is good news. how much snow? does not look like too much for raleigh. half of an inch expected. it certainly looks like most of our models show that the heavy snowfall will likely stay off to the north and west europe roxboro, a little bit more. most of us will see less than an inch of the triangle. also, a bit of isaac in relation to most of the models are in agreement and we will definitely see less than a quarter of an inch. we will likely only save you
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the bigger talk is how much rain will be seeing. between one and two inches over the next three days. some of the heavier bands pushing through. your seven-day forecast powerback you other shows that on times night looks to be a cold one. 23 into monday. president's day, if the other day off, asia what with the weather that may be falling. it can be a little hazardous in the morning hours before changing over to rain. warmer tensioners -- temperatures. hopefully they stick around. heather: that was like a ua by the time it gets here. joel is back with us. joel: i can take the warmer weather, for sure. we are doing basketball. glad to be back. n.c. state in the first. another special day. plus, duke and virginia, trying
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>> now, abc 11 eyewitness news sports, sponsored by local toyota dealers. joel: it is unlikely that this season will be labeled special when it is all said and done, but each game has been special for cat barber, the accs leading scorer increased his average all the while leading his team past wake forest this afternoon. barbour, a little slow out of
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cody martin, will pick up barber slack in the first half. draining the three. and then more from martin. he had seven rebounds to go along with his 18 points. and then martin, making it a two-point game at the half and then barbara doing the rest in the second half. a shake and a drive. check it out, barber with 30 points in the second half alone. and then, crunch time. abu maleic with the jam. barber, keeping it going. the lay-up, 38 points and offer him today. the state wins it, 99-88 over wake forest. the most points in an acc game since 1992.
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>> we feel like every game is the next game that we have to have. i think this can hopefully get the ball rolling a little bit. joel: happy birthday coach came. much as a deterrence -- the blue devils looking for their fourth straight win. speaking of streets, how about 16 straight wins over the cavaliers. they go on a 9-0 run in the first half of the town over, ingram and darius thompson missing. mike toby, with a huge follow. after duke timeout, a swedish to the isaiah wilkins. the weeds while 29 for the cavaliers. here comes brandon ingram, and duke, three. the next possession, he will get to the rim here, over the top,
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duke down by three. at the half. second half, ingram stacking -- stepping into another three. 21 points and counting for him. duke is super early back in front. now the blue devils are in full civil. matt jones 404 from downtown. 10-0, duke. do goes cold. the cavaliers come back to tie it, we are in crunch time now. it is a one point game, still, anything can happen. virginia tried to win in durham for the first time since 1995. across town, in bull city, in ccu, three and six. coming into a game. finding rashad madison for three points. 83 points for the eagles. some good defense here. takeaway, chemistry -- the lay-up. and then wiggins finding madison in the corner for three. the eagles finding their stroke today. dante holmes had 22 points as he
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the eagles win at bay, 90-66. across the trying though, the islanders are in town. heather: looking forward to that. as liz said, take all of your pets in. liz: it will be cold. make sure that your heating is working. 14 is the low in the tribal. farther north, you could see single digits. 32 for the high tomorrow. could be snow, sleet, and even freezing rain mixing into early monday morning. for presidents' day, it will change over to rain, but it will take time for the afternoon. we should clear by the middle part of the week, and hopefully by next weekend, warming temperatures and a lot of sunshine. i know there's a lot going on. heather: thank you. that will difference tonight. thank you for watching. we'll see right back here at 11. eyewitness news continues on, the abc 11 mobile app and twitter. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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welcome to "world news tonight."
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supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. the longest-serving justice on the nation's high court, a towering conservative figure known for his blistering interpretation of the constitution. the court and the conservative movement suffering a huge loss. team coverage tonight. and good evening. thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. and we do begin with that breaking news. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. justice scalia was the longest-serving justice on the high court. appointed by president ronald reagan back in 1986. scalia passed away on a visit to texas, and abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas joins us with what we know at this hour. pierre? >> reporter: tom, law enforcement sources tell me that justice scalia died earlier today in texas, apparent of natural causes. u.s. marshals are at the scene, and there is no evidence of foul play.


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